It's time to give Props where Props are due. 

We’ve set out on a journey to pioneer the next wave of innovative consumer app token solutions rewarding users for the value they drive through their contributions. We are proud of all we have accomplished in creating this ownership economy and know we couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the support of our community. It’s time to give Props to our supporters, investors, users, team. It’s time to give Props to You.

Watch our series, “Props to You", to see Props community members discuss why they support and invest in the Props ecosystem. Here's to those helping to create a more equitable, shared rewards ecosystem between the app companies and the users that make the apps worth consuming.

Experience Props Project's Community Stories

Watch all episodes of "Props to You" to learn more about why people from around the world are supporting, integrating, earning, and investing within the Props blockchain loyalty program ecosystem. We give many thanks and props to those who have supported us over the years and hope their stories will inspire our viewers to also want to be a part of the ownership economy Props continues to support. Two episodes are released a week so continue to check in to learn more!


Jake Brukhman, CoinFund CEO & Founder

Zafira Sabah, Listia Power User

Phil Yang, Props Project Director of Business Development

Tyler White, Props Partner App YouNow User and Props Investor

Uosof Ahmadi, Props Project Power Supporter

Peter Watts, Props Project CTO


Why are People Supporting Props Project?   

Since 2017, Props has worked tirelessly to create a blockchain loyalty program ecosystem that helps app providers from social influence to eCommerce and beyond connect incentives and ownership with their users more seamlessly. This value proposition to create an ownership economy that provides a benefit to developers, companies, and the people that create their user base has never before been so important. 

Props has shown utility to all stakeholders from app service providers, investors, influencers, creators, and app users, having an active user base of over 6 million and growing. App partners have reported almost immediate revenue and user engagement growth and investors and app users have praised the added ownership value that Props has provided to them as consumers. 

Jake Brukhman

Meet Jake, Props Investor

Jake Brukhman, CEO and Founder of CoinFund, first entered the crypto space in 2011. After a few years of learning the ecosystem, he started CoinFund. Jake has invested in only the best projects in the sector. Learn more about why Jake believes in Props and how he sees the future of the ownership economy Props supports. 

Zarifa Sabah

Meet Zarifa, Listia Power User

Zarifa Sabah's first foray into the crypto space came with her use of Listia. She started using the eCommerce site in 2014 after a series of health issues left her family in need of another form of financial income. When Props launched on Listia she dove in head-first and has become a more active user on Listia than she ever had been before.

Phil Yang

Meet Phil, Props Director of BizDev

Phil Yang joined the Props Project team mid-2020 as the director of business development. Having previously worked with Kik/Kin, Phil came to Props with a wealth of crypto partnership knowledge. He has been inspired by the passion and overall product innovation the team has brought to the table.

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Meet Tyler, YouNow Power User

Tyler White has not only been a power user on our partner app YouNow since 2012, but was also an investor in Props during our token sale in 2017. From a broadcaster to a crypto industry expert, Tyler’s trajectory is unconventional and truly inspiring.




Meet Uosof, Props Power Supporter

Uosof Ahmadi knew from the moment he learned about Props Project back in 2017 that it was going to be a project worth dedicating much of his time too. An digital marketer by trade, the more Uosof learned about the tech the Props team was iterating on, the partners that were integrating with the services, and the overall utility the project was providing to supercharge loyalty programming, he knew it was going to be big.

Jake Brukhman

Meet Tyler, App User & Investor

Jake Brukhman, CEO and Founder of CoinFund, first entered the crypto space in 2011. After a few years of learning the ecosystem, he started CoinFund. Jake has invested in only the best projects in the sector. Learn more about why Jake believes in Props and how he sees the future of the ownership economy Props supports. 

Meet Peter, Props CTO

Peter Watts started his journey within the crypto space while serving as the head of special projects at media platform YouNow. As he learned more about the incentive structures that crypto tokens could provide to a larger ecosystem, he felt it naturally lent itself well the the product innovation app providers needed in order to engage their user base further.                                     

Jason Katz Headshot

Meet Jason, Paltalk CEO

A seasoned media industry entrepreneur, Jason saw early on how the Props blockchain loyalty program could have a transformative effect on app users’ engagement and retention.









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